Tidying up Your Salesforce Data Reduces Storage Costs



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It’s amazing how much stuff we can pile up over time. Somehow we manage to add more things into our closets and drawers without taking the time to sort through them to remove the things we don’t use anymore.

And sometimes we manage our data storage like our closets at home.

20% of CRM data is stale, redundant or not needed

Salesforce estimates that as much as 20% of CRM data worldwide is stale, redundant or not needed. All this unneeded data can cause performance issues in your CRM. Unfortunately, most companies that use Salesforce don't have a data retention procedure to manage data storage in Salesforce.

For example, old email messages can use a ton of Salesforce data storage space. Whether you are using Email to Case and your support reps are communicating back and forth via email on a Case, or your sales reps are logging their emails in Salesforce, emails can consume huge amounts of data storage in your org.

If an average email is about .015 MB and a salesperson sends on average 350 emails/month and logs them to Salesforce, that would add an estimated 5.25 MB/Month in Data Storage.

  • A team of 10 salespeople would then be adding on average 52.5 MB of emails to your Salesforce org per month.
  • Over a year, this would equate to approximately 630 MB of additional data.

How you can safely mass delete Salesforce data

Passage Technology is like the Home Edit of data storage. Our Storage Helper app can safely mass delete Salesforce data for any standard or custom object(s) while helping you reduce data storage costs.

  • Storage limit alerts: Storage Helper will alert you before you reach your data storage limit. This keeps your company from paying for data storage costs while managing data storage limits for you.
  • Preview records: The ability to preview your records before running the Storage Recycle Job is built in so that you can verify you've selected the correct criteria.
  • Mass delete: Activities, emails, cases, accounts, contacts, or any other standard or custom object. Check out our use case for steps on how to mass delete old email messages.
  • Automatically backup data: Designed to protect your data, Storage Helper backs up all of the Salesforce records that it deletes to a .csv file before deleting them.

Plus, Storage Helper works with Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Force.com, Developer, and Performance Editions of Salesforce. Ready to start saving on data storage costs? Download the free version of Storage Helper.

Now about those closets...

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