Making Quick Decisions During Emergencies (Pairwise Comparisons)


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Sometimes leaders need to come to a group decision when they are not able to see each other in person, whether it's an emergency like COVID-19, or prepping for natural disasters like hurricanes. With emergencies, information is changing all the time and businesses need to come to a decision quickly. In this specific example, we will be evaluating if a company should re-open after COVID-19. 

Many states started opening businesses in phases. However, just because you are legally able to re-open doesn't mean your business is ready to handle all of the new regulations imposed by your state. 


Creating a pairwise comparison in Prioritization Helper. When it comes to re-opening, the "alternatives" would be Yes or No. 

Criteria you may want to consider: Employee & Customer safety. Do you have new processes setup, such as rolling start times? Do you have the necessary safety training in place? Do you have the needed equipment to open, including hand sanitizing stations and face masks?

In this situation, employees have been able to temporarily work from home. With Prioritization Helper, the C-Suite is still able to easily come to a decision about opening, and they don't have to meet face to face. Plus, it is still a structured approach. For example, the process might be:

  1. Call a virtual meeting to discuss the urgent decision of whether you are able to re-open.
  2. The C-suite meets and brainstorms all the factors that weigh in on re-opening. The administration or executive then enters the criteria into Prioritization Helper to start the evaluation process.
  3. The C-Suite makes the most calculated decision weighing all the factors fairly with no bias.
  4. Based on the confidence of these findings, the C-suite can move on to execution or their next big decision.

Reopen goals and alternatives













Reopen criteria


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