Resource Assignment

Resources are Contacts (non-Salesforce users) and Users to be used for Task assignments.

  • Improve work organization and progress status on projects involving efforts from both internal Users and third-parties.

  • Maintain security by allowing non-Salesforce users to participate when direct access to update project data in your org* isn’t required.


  • Hybrid approach. Resources can be any Contact or User record.
  • Visibility of all Tasks assigned to a Resource.

Resource Allocation

Resources can be attributed to predefined skills or any other distinctions.

  • Improve efficiency of assigning Tasks that are time-sensitive and/or ability-based.
  • Ideal if “Can the Resource…?” is more important than “Who’s the Resource?”

Search Resource availability by name, time frame, and skill.

  • Identify workload imbalances and resolve with reassignments.
  • Improve work quality and completion time based on Resource availability.


  • Resource Gantt shows daily allocation of a Resource for a given time frame.
    • Resource View shows daily percentage total of all Tasks.
    • Task View shows daily percentage of each Task.
  • Find Available Resources
    • View availability of Resources for a given time frame.
    • Filter Resources by skill

Resource Alerts

Resources assigned to successor Tasks can be notified when predecessor Tasks are complete.

  • Prevent unnecessary Project delays.
  • Reduce time spent coordinating Tasks and notifying Resources.


* Resources needing access to project data in your org require a Salesforce license. Ask about our discounted Milestones PM+ per-user licenses today. 

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