Create Sales Rep Opportunity Field With Nearest Open Task


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Instead of having your users constantly referring to reports to gather information such as the next due task under an opportunity, rollup that information to a field directly on the Opportunity. This will save your users time by having all their information in one place, and a Rollup Helper setting can be much easier to maintain than multiple reports for multiple users in your org.


  • Create a Lookup field to Task on Opportunity
  • Go to Rollup Helper to create a new rollup
    • Select Opportunity as target object
    • Select new Lookup field to task as Target field
    • Select Task as source object
    • Select WhatID as relationship field
    • Select Text as Rollup Type
    • Select ActivityID as source field
    • Create a Filter
      • Set Limit 1 in Filter 
      • Put sort order on Activity Date in ASC Order
      • Add filter Criteria Status Not Equal to Closed And Due Date > Today
      • Save Filter
    • Save and Run the Setting

      Now you will have a field on Opportunity which will be a link to the next task that is open and due in the future.
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