Using Lookup Helper and Rollup Helper to create a complete rollup solution


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I'm really excited to share this use case with you. It is by far the most comprehensive solution we have ever recorded on YouTube, and this post will help to orient you to the entire solution as well as to the Helper Suite of apps. At a high-level, the rollup solution is to connect asset, case, opportunity product, and opportunity information up to custom object called "Region" by leveraging the related relationships which already exist between an account and these standard child objects. To connect or auto-populate the lookup relationships up to the Region object, we will use Lookup Helper, which is part of the Helper Suite. Then, we'll rollup all the information using Rollup Helper, also part of the Helper Suite. 

To start your journey, you can either watch a video playlist in order on youtube (about 1.5 hours of total video!), or just skip to specific videos below.

Complete Solution YouTube Video Playlist


Individual Videos

Using Helper Suite - Use Lookup Helper to auto-populate a region lookup on a case (Lookup Helper)

Using Helper Suite - Use Rollup Helper to count closed cases, in the region, this quarter (Rollup Helper)

Using Helper Suite - Opportunity to Region Rollups (Both Apps)

Using Helper Suite - Opportunity to Account Rollups (Rollup Helper)

Using Helper Suite - How Many Key Accounts Per Region (Rollup Helper)

Using Helper Suite - Identify Your Top Account In Region (Rollup Helper)

 Using Helper Suite - Asset to Region Rollups (Both Apps)


Create Sales Rep Opportunity Field With Nearest Open Task Rollup Helper Use Case Library Opportunity Line Item Schedule Rollups
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