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Number of Email Tasks under a Contact

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Problem: How do you calculate the amount of "Email" Tasks for each Contact record?


Quickly deploy one of Rollup Helper pre-built rollups named, "Number of Emails." The Number of Emails use case calculates the amount of Tasks of type "Email" for each Contact record. This use case deploys one Rollup Helper setting and one field, "rhuc_Number_Of_Emails."

Once logged into your Salesforce organization click on the App Launcher or All Tabs and search for "Rollup Helper." Click on the "Browse Use Cases" tile and click Deploy next to the Number of Emails label:

Browse Use Cases Tile

Number of Emails

  • Click on the Deploy Number of Emails Field button
    Number of Emails deploy field
  • The Number of Emails field will be deployed.
  • Please Note: Field Level Security will not be automatically set when creating fields through Rollup Helper, and the field will not automatically be added to page layouts. Please ensure that the newly created field is added to all desired layouts and permission sets once the rollup creation process has concluded.
  • Then click on the Deploy and Run Number of Emails Setting button
    Number of Emails deploy setting
  • Finally, click on the Start Rollup Run button
    Number of Emails run rollup

You will also be able to view and edit the deployed rollup via the All Rollups page.

Now Sales leaders can see how often a rep is reaching out to Contacts through email.

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