Clear Capital Simplifies Reporting With Lookup Helper & Rollup Helper


Financial services (realty) lending analytics, Clear Capital, uses free Salesforce admin apps Helper Suite by trusted Salesforce partner Passage Technology: Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, Storage Helper. Case study, customer success story.When Clear Capital needed to display multiple revenue and volume summaries for use in multiple business units, Business Systems Administrator Lisa Foster led the search to find a solution.

Clear Capital serves the mortgage and lending industries, offering clients intelligent valuation solutions for properties nationwide. They provide technology platforms that speed up loan decisioning, analytics that give real time insight into the real estate market, and valuation management solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Challenge: Limits in Rollup Summary Fields

Lisa investigated Salesforce internal fields but found they were limited in volume and capabilities. “We also searched for other solutions but none provided what we needed or gave us the same unlimited capacity as Passage Technology. When we were searching for a solution to the limits in rollup summary fields, we discovered that Passage Technology offered so much more,” explains Lisa.

Solution: Linking Objects to Display Revenue and Volume Summaries

Clear Capital chose Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper to achieve their goals. Lisa said, “Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper allow us to link objects to display multiple revenue and volume summaries for our business units. Before these solutions, this would require written code, which can be difficult to write, test, and maintain. Passage Technology’s solutions allow us to perform maintenance quickly and efficiently.”

Now Clear Capital can provide data to their teams that would otherwise be done manually, using various sheets and storing data externally to Salesforce. This allows the marketing team to see the results of their efforts and sales to see what is working well, and where there is an opportunity for improvement.

“We can spot trends in sales to allow us to be proactive with our customers and prospects. Plus, we were able to resolve an issue that was previously done with custom code and objects by adding a lookup and rollup field to accomplish the same task,” said Lisa.

The Support team and Use Case library have also provided them with new ways to use the solutions. “It is now a habit to review the library for new ideas and possible solutions,” adds Lisa.

Results: No Code Solutions Save Time and Money

The results have been tremendous. “We have saved time and money in maintaining data in Salesforce and providing it to our teams. It allows us to be on top of data and trends while easily reporting using the fields created by Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper. We have even incorporated Storage Helper to keep Salesforce clean of unnecessary data. The time and effort alone in work hours creating these data points is worth the product.”

Lisa concludes, ”These additional products complement each other and continue to expand what we can accomplish.”

Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, and Storage Helper are part of the Helper Suite, a bundle of four must-have Salesforce apps. Helper Suite is a powerful accelerator (no coding required) for Salesforce admins/power users, business analysts, sales operations, and developers.

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