Group All Opportunities for Companies in a Specific Industry


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Problem: Companies or products can serve multiple industries. You may want to group Opportunities for specific industries to see how a specific sales team is performing, or it may help you see which industries need more help versus which are thriving.

Solution: In Setup, create a new Object named "Industries."

You may want to populate Industry records if you have a predetermined list (such as NAICS and SIC codes), or you can use Lookup Helper's "create new category records" functionality to add new Industries as needed. Then create a lookup field on Opportunities named "Industry."

In Lookup Helper:

  • Choose Opportunities as the child object you want to maintain the relationship on
  • Select the newly created Industry lookup field
  • You want to match records when the child Account field "Industry Lookup" matches "Industry Name"
  • Optional: Allow "create new category records" if you would like Lookup Helper to create new Industry record types. If you have a specific list you would not want to change, then leave this disabled.
  • Save and run your setting 

Now you can create reports to see how certain Industries are performing! This could direct your business into going all-in on a successful Industry, or trying something new to help out Industries that aren't buying from you as much.

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