Group All Opportunities for Companies of a Certain Size


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Problem: Sales and Marketing teams like to create an ideal customer profile to know the best prospects to go after.

One aspect that may help you find your ideal customer is the size of the company. To help you figure out if company size makes a difference in your deals, you want to associate Opportunities to Company Sizes.

Solution: In Setup, create a new Object named "Company Size" to group these categories under.

Then create a Lookup field on Opportunity to this new object also named "Company Size." Also create a Formula field on Opportunity (this is optional if you're importing company sizes from third-party data). Here is an example formula of how to create different company sizes based on the number of employees:

IF (Account.NumberOfEmployees>= 1000, "Enterprise Business", 
IF ((Account.NumberOfEmployees <= 1000 && Account.NumberOfEmployees> 100), "Mid-Sized Business", 
If (Account.NumberOfEmployees< 100, "Small Business", "Number of Employees not provided")))

Since you are going to have two fields on Opportunity that have the Company Size, you may want to hide the Formula field from page layouts.

In Lookup Helper:

  • Choose Opportunity as the child object you want to maintain the relationship on
  • Select the newly created Company Size Lookup field
  • You want to match records when the new Formula field matches the Company Size Name
  • Optional: Allow "create new category records" if you would like Lookup Helper to create new Company Size records. If you have a specific list you would not want to change, then leave this disabled.
  • Save and run

Now you can see all related Opportunities based on Company Size! The results may show you which companies to target more during campaigns, or which ones not to spend as much time on. You can take your data even further by seeing average deal size, win rate, number of opportunities and more based on segment.

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