When internal IT teams are implementing new business processes, enhancing systems, or integrating systems, care must be taken to ensure that the work is well documented, on schedule, on budget, and that knowledge is transferred throughout the process. The key phases of the systems development life-cycle must be followed and any organization specific project management processes must be adhered to whether it is in support of a PMO, Prince2, or PMP based methodology. Whether your technology projects involve Salesforce project management, Mobile app development project management, or creating a new customer portal/customer community, each project will likely have core steps that should be followed on every project to ensure high-quality project delivery.  For example, has the desired functionality been documented? Do you have stakeholder agreement on the functionality to be implemented/changed, and do you have a testing plan to make sure that users don’t experience bugs or usability problems which lead to poor user adoption? 


Use Milestones PM+ and its template engine to create a Project in Salesforce for each IT project type. Make sure your project/project template, enables the team to meet the following goals:

  • Work efficiently.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Ensure a smooth transition for User adoption.

Check out how nPower used Milestones PM+ to integrate their core business systems and processes on the Salesforce Platform.