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Display project data on Salesforce records with page layout Related Lists

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The disconnect between project contributors and internal non-contributors. For example, this could be, generically, customer-facing representatives and service professionals.

Service professionals work with clients to solve a problem, handling projects either by themselves or with a project manager. Reps, not directly involved with that work, receiving communication from clients about their project more than likely won’t know the Project name to pull up the appropriate record.

Whether the Project is complete or in progress, reps viewing the client’s Account record will take extra time searching Salesforce for the relevant information or consuming unnecessary time from service professionals and project managers.


Link information from Milestones PM+ to related Salesforce records. Milestones PM+ includes Related Lists that you can add to page layouts of standard objects.

  • Projects of an Account
  • Projects on an Opportunity
  • Resources of a Contact
  • Time Entries on a Case
Free Salesforce task management app shows project data on Account, Contact

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