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The day-to-day of an admin is busy balancing critical tasks and long-term goals.

Their journey starts directly headed towards a larger planned venture – third-party integrations and upkeep, new implementations like CPQ, internal plans like case forwarding processes, solving a major org issue once and for all. This clear path, however, starts becoming cloudy – a formula field isn’t working properly or needs updating, a new employee hire needs login credentials, a third-party app will make changes impacting your org next month, a user wonders why they can’t change the record type to remove a case from their queue.

Then again, this resonates true, and can be said for, many in the workforce. The big difference is, the admin is a Salesforce mechanic. They’re responsible for the user’s experience but also the overall health of the org as a workplace.

Whether you’re an admin or project manager, it’s important to do an occasional Salesforce Health Check.

Salesforce health check task to-do list in free project management app Milestones PM+
To-Dos can be used for quickly logging subtasks and as a reminder list.


With a Quarterly Health Check project template in Milestones PM+, admins are reminded (even scheduled) to focus on areas often overlooked but not any less important. By designating a set amount of time for various items, admins are able to turn their attention on these areas and plan their days accordingly for the duration.

An example framework might include:

Salesforce health check project template in free task management app Milestones PM+
  • Milestone: Security
    • MFA
    • User permissions
    • Unused apps
    • System updates
  • Milestone: Data
    • Deprecated fields
    • Process check-ins
    • User request follow-ups
  • Milestone: New This Quarter
    • (None as each quarter will be different, added manually, and not reused.)

For a more restricted directive like compliance and regulations, dependencies between Tasks or Milestones can ensure protocols are followed, workflows can notify Resources or higher-ups if a deadline is approaching, and approval processes can guarantee all work is sufficient before continuing onward.

Check out our affordable Milestones PM+ Starter Packs – we can setup a workflow or approval process for you, or even your whole Health Check project solution (with additional services)!

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