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Dear PT, 

We use Salesforce® at our company, but we manage projects outside of Salesforce. This creates numerous challenges, and never more than when an established project plan has dates and deadlines that must be adjusted. Obviously, there is a ripple effect on the project, and most project planning software can handle that. However, when it comes to the associated projects and tasks that also reside in Salesforce, extra work is required, and it can be subject to error.  What can we do about this?

Ty M. Schiff in Gantt, AL

Dear Ty,

That certainly is one of the benefits of using a 100%-native Salesforce app like Milestones PM+. All project planning is housed alongside all of your data and kept updated in real time. As you would expect, date shifting, duration, and deadlines are easily handled and re-configured (if needed). The app’s flexibility is one of its most popular features. Every company has unique needs for its projects—and you can take advantage of more than a dozen comprehensive, custom date-shifting capabilities.

Keep your projects moving forward while addressing changing circumstances. (And when moving data from a third-party platform into Milestones PM+, the app’s Admin Guide has you covered.)




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