Passage Technology News and Updates – 2023 Winter Edition



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This issue features the latest company news along with Lookup Helper and Milestones PM+ updates.

Putting Our Customers Front & Center

At Passage Technology, we put our customers at the center of everything we do. One way we’re doing this is by making it easy to choose the support style you prefer. On our new support page, you can choose from email/logging a support case, reading Knowledge Articles, or having a live chat, to reaching out to the Trailblazer community for each of our apps.

“Our support staff are all dedicated team members, and are not outsourced, which allows us to provide faster turnaround times and communication,” explains Passage Technology’s Operations Manager, Jacob Blair. Go to Support to check it out.

We’re Amazed by the Creative Ways Customers Use Our Apps 

Customer Spotlight

Sometimes the best way to find out what our apps can do is to hear from those who use them everyday — customers like you. To see how others are using our apps to deepen their data insights and take their projects to the next level, read our recent article:  Three Customers Share Their Success Stories.

We Want to Hear From You

Your feedback and reviews are important to us as we continue to add more features, usability improvements, and functionality to our apps! Visit us on the AppExchange to leave a review for Rollup Helper, Milestones PM+, Lookup Helper, or Storage Helper.

73% of Retailers Increasing Investments in Technology

Recent survey findings from Gartner show that businesses are relying on technology now more than ever. “They (retailers) are using software applications for faster checkouts, intelligent stock keeping, higher sales, and enhanced customer satisfaction,” the Gartner survey explains. Read more: Apps Help Fill Salesforce Gaps for E-commerce Businesses.

Know an Admin Who’s Just Getting Started in Their Career?

The size of the Salesforce ecosystem can make it daunting to get your feet wet, let alone dive right in. That’s why we put together a list of resources to help them get started — from training to landing a job. Read more: How to Kickstart Your Salesforce Admin Career.

App News & Updates

Check it Out! Milestones PM+ Project Search & Project Sorting Features

Along with formatting updates, recent Milestones PM+ enhancements feature new Summary Page Filters called "Search Projects" and "Sort Order." Now you can search for any project keywords, and only projects with that text in the name will show up on the summary page. You can also sort the projects by any field on the project Object, including custom fields. Check out the complete list of updates v14.1.

MPM+ Summary page

Milestones PM+ Use Cases

Red Flags and Project Health in Salesforce

Equipment Inspection Checklist in Salesforce (preventative maintenance)

About Milestones PM+

100% Salesforce-native and easily customizable, Milestones PM+ is a free AppExchange app for all Salesforce clouds (Professional and up) with complete org access to all customers. Instant 360-degree visibility to programs, projects, milestones, tasks, time, risks and issues, and resources provides better project management right in your CRM.

Lookup Helper Goes Next Level With New Child Filters

Now users have the ability to add child filters to Lookup Helper Settings and apply additional matching criteria to the child Object. This helps narrow down the amount of matching children, giving users more control. While creating or editing a setting, users can either create a new child filter, or assign a previously created child filter. For a complete list of updates, check out Lookup Helper Release Notes v10.3. 

The image below shows how you can get started by selecting Add a Child Filter. 

LH add a child filter

You can Define Additional Matching Criteria, and then select the Submit button to confirm your filter criteria.

LH define matching criteria

The following example shows how you can add an additional filter criteria, and can Change the Filter Logic to 1 AND (2 OR 3).

LH change filter logic

Note: See the Child Filter instructions in the Lookup Helper Admin Guide for details.

About Lookup Helper

Lookup Helper gives you better visibility and insights to your Salesforce data by automatically relating records. For standard and custom objects, it allows you to organize your data by geographic location, time-frame, industry, or any other data category.

Featured Customer Success Story 

Rare Karma logo updated

Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Empower Rare Karma to Achieve Goals Without Code

Tell Us Your Story 

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Ask PT About Using Automation to Assign Leads to Accounts in Salesforce 

Ask PT InstagramDear PT, 

Like many Salesforce® users, we have to manually assign Leads to their related Account. Of course, this opens up the potential for errors. It would be nice if we could automate this process and then notify the correct salesperson about the new Lead. Any thoughts on how we could easily do this?

Dom Main from Lincoln, NE


To see the answer to Dom Main's question, read Ask PT About Using Automation to Assign Leads to Accounts in Salesforce.)

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