As a sales representative or manager, you need to know which products have or have not been purchased for each of your Accounts, so that you can have the most effective conversation and updated account plan available.  By aggregating product information into your Account page, you now have the information you need to make smarter business decisions. Also, your Salesforce administrator will be able to use the information for Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Processes, or Formula fields. This empowers you to see information  at a glance for Opportunities to cross sell or upsell. This information can also be useful for your Marketing department to program Marketing Automation processes or to be used in your Account Based Marketing(ABM) implementation.


Rollup Helper can roll up the Opportunity Products to a Text Area field on an Opportunity and then again to the Account. If you would like to extend the use case by seeing Products Purchased by Industry or in a Region or Zip Code, you can use Lookup Helper to automatically populate your lookups from Account to your desired Custom Object.

This video will walk through setting up the basic setup of Products to Account.

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