Do you have a marketing automation or email marketing tool that is generating a ton of valuable data? If so, when was the last time you looked at the really old historical activities or records that were created by these tools to see if they should be deleted? Chances are the old data is simply not relevant. Tools such as Mailchimp quickly become data storage hounds.  Storage Helper can be used to mass delete this old and irrelevant data.

To view the Data Storage that is being consumed by these activities in your Salesforce org, go to Setup Home>Data Management>Storage Usage.

Once you determine which record type you would like to delete data for and define the criteria, you can create a Storage Recycle Job to delete the records for you.

This use case is going to vary depending on which tools are being used. For assistance with your use case, please email or check out our blog: Getting Started with Storage Helper for general guidance.

Have you already used Storage Helper to clean up old Marketing activities?  Please share below!