Streamline Storage of Automated Emails Used by Salesforce


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Automated emails may be sent from Salesforce when a customer case is submitted to acknowledge receipt of the case. This ensures that the customer is promptly responded to and high service standards are maintained. However, these automated emails consume a substantial amount of valuable Data Storage space which can be quite costly.


Use Storage Helper to delete the automated emails that are no longer needed in the org based on criteria that you define.

If you haven’t already done so, install Storage Helper from the AppExchange. For assistance with the setup, please view the Getting Started With Storage Helper guide or send us an email:


  1. Determine your filter criteria. This will vary from org to org but some items to consider:
    1. Subject
    2. From Email
    3. Created Date
    4. Incoming (True or False for outbound or inbound)
  2. Create a New Storage Recycle Job from the Storage Recycle Jobs tab.
    1. Give the job a meaningful name: Sent Auto Response Emails
    2. Select the object to delete records from: Email Message
    3. Add a user-friendly description including your criteria in the Notes section. For this use case, we recommend something to the effect of: 'Delete outbound automated emails with the subject, “Thank you for submitting your case” 7 days after they are sent.’
    4. Create Filter Criteria
      1. Created Date
        1. Less Than
        2. Last number of days: 7
      2. Is Incoming>equals>false
      3. Subject>contains>Thank you for submitting your case
    5. Select Backup Mode to create a .csv file of the records that Storage Helper recycles.
    6. Preview Records to ensure that you have created the desired filter criteria.
    7. Activate the setting.

Do you have a related use case you would like to share? Please let us know by commenting below!


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