When data is being loaded into Salesforce from an external database, it is very difficult to maintain the relationships that existed previously. With Lookup Helper, you no longer have to spend hours updating lookup fields, or have to hire a developer to write custom code that will maintain the relationships.

Steps Required:

  1. Create two fields on the child record.
    • The first field will hold the ID of its parent record.
    • The second field will be a lookup field relating to the parent object.
  2. Create field on the parent record that will hold its old ID (used in the external database).
  3. Create a new Lookup Helper setting.
    1. Select the child object.
    2. Select the 'Maintain existing lookup field' option then select the lookup field to populate (second field created in step 1).
    3. Select the 'Relate child object when the value in a field matches the value in a field on the parent object' Lookup Helper setting type.
    4. Select the first field created in step 1 for the child object.
    5. Select the field created in step 2 for the parent object.
    6. Save and run the setting.