Set Up Lookup Fields to Trigger Emails in Salesforce


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Problem: Marketing automation tools are a great way to reach prospects and customers at just the right moment, but only if you use them correctly. There's so much data in your CRM, but sometimes it can be difficult to actually use it. 

Solution: Here's a list of ways to have lookup fields trigger your emails:

Lead Source Campaigns: Directly link your Leads/Contacts to a Campaign, and then have campaign specific emails send through your automation tool like MailChimp. 

Open Cases on Accounts and Contacts: Your customer service team could send out emails after X amount of days on an open case to make sure the issue was resolved. Alternatively, you could pause your marketing messaging if there are open cases on an account since they are probably not looking to buy while they're resolving issues. 

Opportunity Product on Account: If you have multiple products, you can cross-sell, up-sell, or personalize recommendations based on what they've bought before. 

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