For many businesses, converting Leads into Accounts, while important, is time consuming and can be error prone as it depends on manual User entry. Having the process automated will ensure that Leads are assigned to the correct Accounts and the correct User when they are created. This is important for both Sales so the right person follows up in a timely fashion and to employ an Account Based Marketing (ABM) framework.

There are many ways to links Leads to Accounts. You can link Leads to an Account using the Account name, street address, phone number, and the domain of the Lead’s email address. In this use case, we will show you how to match Leads to Accounts using the Lead’s email address domain and match this value to the Account’s website.


Use Lookup Helper to automatically assign the Lead using field value match functionality.

  1. First Create two custom fields on Lead.
  • Formula Field (Domain) that returns Text to change the Email address to a Website:     SUBSTITUTE(Email, LEFT(Email, FIND("@", Email)), "www.")
  • Lookup Relationship Field from Lead to Account (Account)

Create a Lookup Helper Setting

Step 1:  Select Child Object:  Lead

Step 2:  

  1. Maintain Existing Lookup Relationship
  2. Select Lookup Field to update:  Account

Step 3:  

  1. Lookup Helper Setting Type:  Field matches Field
  2. Child Lead field:  Domain (Use the formula field you created.)
  3. Match to Parent Account field:  Website

Save and Run the setting and Enable Real Time:

  1. Label: Populate lookup on lead when it is updated
  2. Trigger Object API Name Lead

Please note that Enabling Real Time on Lead will cause the lookup to fire when the Lead record is updated. Using the “Create New Category Records” feature in this situation is not recommended in order to avoid duplicate Accounts being created when an error is made entering or updating the email address on the Lead. This means that Leads will automatically be matched to existing Accounts but will not create new Accounts to match to. Please also note that in order for this solution to work, you will have to maintain websites for each of your Accounts and the website must match the domain of your email addresses.

Take it further: add a workflow rule to automatically set the Lead owner to the Account Owner.

Try something different: If using email address won’t work in your org, try linking an Account name, Account phone number, or an address. Or, if you do not maintain the website field on Account and would like to use a more automatic and updated source of information, the same formula field could be used on Contact to determine a converted Contact's email domain and then create a LIMIT 1 rollup with Rollup Helper that rolls the information up to the Account level.

For further assistance with this use case  or to learn more about Lookup Helper, please schedule a One on One Demo.

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