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Problem: A pain point that many online businesses experience is not being able to easily organize their products by category in Salesforce®.

For example, Connie sells spice blends online, but she needs a way to easily view all the spices in each category in Salesforce. She would like to divide her spice inventory into categories based on the tastes for each spice.

Solution: Lookup Helper can provide assistance to e-commerce entrepreneurs like Connie.

To organize and view products by category in Salesforce using Lookup Helper, simply follow the steps below.

Steps for Organizing Products by Category Using Lookup Helper

  1. Create a Spice Object
  2. Create a Spice Category text field on the spice Object
  3. Create a Spice Category Object
  4. Create a Lookup Field to Spice Category on the Spice Object
  5. Create a Lookup Helper Setting
    • Child Object: Spice
    • Parent Object: Spice Category
    • Child Field: Spice Category Field
    • Parent Field: Name
  6. Enable real time on the Spice Object
  7. Create four Spice Category records
    • Hot
    • Mild
    • Aromatic
    • Herbs

When Connie adds a new spice like Cayenne Pepper with a Spice Category value of “Hot,” it will show up in the related list on the “Hot” Spice Category record page. 

The image below shows the “Hot” Spice Category record page and the Spices in the “Hot” category in the related list on the page.

Hot Spice Category


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