Integrations with Apps that sync their activities/other data with Salesforce Tasks can consume a substantial amount of Salesforce Data Storage. A few examples of this are Pardot and...

Automated Emails

March 31, 2017


Automated emails may be sent from Salesforce when a customer case is submitted to acknowledge receipt of the case. This ensures that the customer is promptly responded to and high service standards are maintained. However, these automated emails consume a substantial amount of valuable...

Recycle Archived Calls

January 20, 2017

Mass deleting archived Tasks or Events is a great way to free up valuable Data Storage space in your Salesforce org.  Watch our use case video to learn how to recycle archived calls!

Install Storage Helper from the AppExchange:

If you have not already done so, please install Storage Helper from the AppExchange.

Capture 1-11

Do you have a marketing automation or email marketing tool that is generating a ton of valuable data? If so, when was the last time you looked at the really old historical activities or records that...

Old Campaign Deletion

September 17, 2016

After a few years, it's probably safe to say that the old inactive Campaigns in Salesforce are not influencing behavior and no longer necessary to keep. Deleting inactive Campaigns that are far older than your buying cycle will free up valuable storage space.

Delete old Email Messages

Did you know that old email messages can be one of the #1 Salesforce Data Storage consumers? Whether you are using Email to Case and your support reps are communicating back and forth via email on a Case, or your sales reps are logging their emails in Salesforce, the...