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Problem: Categorizing your Salesforce data is great for reporting, but it’s not useful if the data isn’t accurate.

Some custom Objects have a lot of parent records that are difficult and time-consuming to upkeep. This could be because they're ongoing records and you don't want to have to create it every time (example: creating every new month). Or, you may have an absurdly long list you'll never complete like uploading every city in the world into Salesforce.

These reports will be useless if people don't feel like taking the time to correctly relate records. Or, if you want the Parent records created automatically, it'll also be time consuming to create and maintain the needed Flows.

Solution: Use the "Create New Category Records" functionality in Lookup Helper to create the category records for you.

Here are some suggested scenarios to use this feature with:

Sales Rep Reporting - You don't have to make new records for each month or year. They will be created as time goes on.

Lead Source Campaign - For every new event, you don't have to remember to create a lead source campaign for it.

Grouping Companies Based On Industry - Depending on how granular you track industries, this could be hundreds of options. Have Lookup Helper create them instead.

Address (Zip Code) - Add new zip codes as needed.

GDPR Privacy Data - Create Individual records based on new Leads or Contacts.

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