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New Functionality:

  • Added the ability to schedule a weekly email from the Health Check page so that you can be notified if any issue(s) would be flagged if you visited the page.
  • Links to the Rollup...

New Functionality:  

  • You may now run your Rollups in Real-time in Rollup Helper Free Edition.
  • We have added a section (Update Links) to the in app Rollup Helper Help & FAQ page that includes links...


  • We have implemented a ‘Rollup Helper Health Check’ page!  This page can be reached from the Rollup Helper home page and will automatically detect any common Rollup Helper issues that are...

New Rollup Functionality

  • You now have the ability to rollup negative values.

Performance Improvement

  • Please read the improved resiliency blog post to learn about all of the countless performance...

New UI


Please click here to access a page displaying our Spring 2015 release and older release notes.