Business Problem:  

As a Sales Representative, I want to see the name of the most recent Campaign a prospect was a member of displayed on the Contact record.

Account Management Buckets

August 19, 2014

Business Problem:

Business Problem:  

Your organization needs to make sure that they've documented key roles on a deal. 

Referral Tracking

July 14, 2014

Business Problem:  

Creating Top 10 partner reports or rollup fields for how many times someone or an organization has referred business to you is not straightforward in Salesforce. 

One of the most popular use cases we have seen with Rollup Helper is the ability to capture key activity metrics on the lead, contact, or account pages. If activity monitoring is an important gap to fill in your org, we recommend upgrading to Rollup Helper – Enterprise Edition so your rollups will...

Contract Management

May 5, 2014

Problem: Salesforce doesn't offer standard or customizable business rules on what contacts you need to have defined when a contract is put into place. For example, it is possible to create a contract, but not have any contract contact roles or the correct contact identified for a contract.

Problem: You need to display a count of the total records that meet some condition on the parent, Rollup Summary Fields are NOT an option. In this video, we will show you a very simple and easy to understand rollup. How many contacts do I have that are VPs at a given account?

Problem: Salesforce has a Last Activity field available, but it is not usually configurable to most customers needs.