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In Salesforce, maximizing efficiency and productivity is the name of the game. If you can't see or find your information exactly where you would like to, this limits company performance. If you have...

I'm really excited to share this use case with you. It is by far the most comprehensive solution we have ever recorded on YouTube, and this post will help to orient you to the entire solution as well as to the Helper Suite of apps. At a high-level, the rollup solution is to connect asset, case,...

Business Problem: 

As a Sales Manager, I need to monitor the number of demo's being completed each month by a Sales Rep.

Business Problem:

As a Sales Manger, I need to be able to identify the number of calls or emails on an Opportunity for better sales analytics and planning.

Unique Count

November 14, 2014

Natively there is not a setting to have a distinct using Rollup Helper.

This is a 2 part Rollup. The first part captures the number activities on an opportunity. The second part makes use of workflow rules to capture the number of activities completed before a deal was closed. Take note if an opportunity is re-opened and closed the number of activities before closed...

Business Problem:

Business Problem:  

As an Sales Representative or Marketing Manager, I want to see the number of Campaigns a Contact has been a member of.  This will help me analyze relationship building as well as how many campaigns it took to close a sale.

Business Problem: As a support center manager, you will likely have a need for multiple account and case metrics to calculate and display in Salesforce. Examples that we have seen are, ‘Cases created this month’, ‘Cases created this year’, etc. 

Account Management Buckets

August 19, 2014

Business Problem: