An easy way to view agent case load utilization % is needed so that business decisions can be made on case reassignment or additional resources needed.

As an operations manager, I want to be able to easily see the date of the most recent task with a specific subject (Order Sent) that has been completed on a Case.

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In Salesforce, maximizing efficiency and productivity is the name of the game. If you can't see or find your information exactly where you would like to, this limits company performance. If you have...

I'm really excited to share this use case with you. It is by far the most comprehensive solution we have ever recorded on YouTube, and this post will help to orient you to the entire solution as well as to the Helper Suite of apps. At a high-level, the rollup solution is to connect asset, case,...

Business Problem: As a support center manager, you will likely have a need for multiple account and case metrics to calculate and display in Salesforce. Examples that we have seen are, ‘Cases created this month’, ‘Cases created this year’, etc. 


Business Problem:  

To measure a user’s productivity, I need to be able to report on the total number of Live Chat Transcripts and the total number of Cases worked in a week.  There is not a way to link the information in a report in Salesforce.

Business Problem:  

Salesforce does not have a way of notifying anyone when the number of cases in the current month reaches a predefined limit for an account. 

One of our most popular questions we see is: Can Rollup Helper calculate a count of records and display the count on the parent object? The answer is yes, and it is easy!