Products Purchased

June 24, 2015

Business Problem:

As an Account Manager in order to identify white space on Accounts, I would like to see a list of Opportunity Products purchased on each Account.

This is a 2 part Rollup. The first part captures the number activities on an opportunity. The second part makes use of workflow rules to capture the number of activities completed before a deal was closed. Take note if an opportunity is re-opened and closed the number of activities before closed...

Business Problem: 

Your org has a complex quoting or opportunity/project accounting business processes and the Opportunity Amount field is updated manually. 

Business Problem:  

Your organization needs to make sure that they've documented key roles on a deal. 

Renewal Management

July 14, 2014

Business Problem:  

Tracking renewals for annual sales deals can be tricky. 

Customer Segmentation

May 8, 2014

Problem: You need to segment your customers based on how recently you have closed won business with an existing customer. For example, a report showing those customers that you have not had a recent closed won opportunity within the last 4 years and customers that have had a recently closed won...

Problem: Sales Reps in a B2B world need quite some time to close opportunities in Salesforce, so much so, that they need to log sales call notes constantly and follow up on many activities for each of their deals. Many of our customers are also using activity logging apps such as "Logger" that...

Problem: There is no out of the box way or field that calculated margin on a sales deal.

Problem: Salesforce doesn't display the total sales figure I want to calculate and display on the Account page.