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The Premium Edition of Rollup Helper Starts at $2,160* per year, per org

*Pricing displayed is for a one year term under our standard Master Subscription Agreement. Additional fees apply for custom agreements. Does not include a 30% non-profit discount; see discounts available.

Rollup Helper Premium Edition includes these free features, plus:

  • Unlimited rollups
  • Real-time rollups
  • Priority support routing
  • Rollups triggered after any database changes

With 160+ customer reviews and a top 10 ranking on the Salesforce AppExchange, Rollup Helper is among the highest rated and most trusted apps.

After one year experience with the free community version, we decided to buy...we saw a lot of added is crucial for companies using KPIs...We believe that the payback period of this application is 1-3 months...
— Marek Kozlowski, CEO, Poland Park