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Our Helper Suite Bundle combines Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, and Storage Helper at discounted pricing with 15 Development Services hours.  With this bundle, you will empower your team with trustworthy, easy to use Salesforce administration tools that save time and money. 

Rollup Helper Features

Rollup Helper is 100% Salesforce® native and comes standard with real-time and scheduled rollup functionality, targeted/parent filter functionality, unlimited user and administrator access, access to our excellent support staff, support for Salesforce® Classic and Lightning, and more. Rolling up information is a breeze and no coding is required with this incredible tool. Create roll-up summaries in Salesforce without hassle. 

All Premium Edition Helper Suite Apps Have:

  • Unlimited admins and end-users for 1 production org
  • Consistent access to stable releases
  • Support for Salesforce LEX (Lightning Experience) and Salesforce Classic user interfaces
  • Support for all Salesforce editions except Salesforce IQ CRM Starter

*Pricing displayed is for a prepaid 1 year term and is subject to our standard Master Subscription Agreement. Pricing displayed does not include a 30% non-profit discount

NOTE: Please click here to view current Salesforce limitations. If you have specific questions on how these limits may affect your usage of our applications in Professional, Essentials, or Group Edition, please contact us.


Hear From Our Customers 

"One of my favorite apps! Roll-up summaries can be so valuable for data insight and reporting, but the salesforce roll-ups have so many limitations - both in what and how many things you can roll up. Rollup Helper is a game changer! I am constantly recommending that my clients give it a try."

-Stephanie K., AppExchange review