Business Problem:

As an Account Manager, I need visibility to the date of the most recent task completed by the Account Owner.

Products Purchased

June 24, 2015

Business Problem:

As an Account Manager in order to identify white space on Accounts, I would like to see a list of Opportunity Products purchased on each Account.

Account Management Buckets

August 19, 2014

Business Problem:

Business Problem:  

Salesforce does not have a way of notifying anyone when the number of cases in the current month reaches a predefined limit for an account. 

Business Problem:  

Salesforce won't allow you to rollup information from assets to account without coding.

Customer Segmentation

May 8, 2014

Problem: You need to segment your customers based on how recently you have closed won business with an existing customer. For example, a report showing those customers that you have not had a recent closed won opportunity within the last 4 years and customers that have had a recently closed won...

Problem: Salesforce doesn't display the total sales figure I want to calculate and display on the Account page.

Problem: You need to display a count of the total records that meet some condition on the parent, Rollup Summary Fields are NOT an option. In this video, we will show you a very simple and easy to understand rollup. How many contacts do I have that are VPs at a given account?

Problem: Within Salesforce, it is not possible to do hierarchy rollups without Apex coding. Standard Roll-summary fields will not support these types of roll-ups.