Customer Segmentation

March 20, 2017


In a world where technology is enabling more and more research to be done pre-sale, it is becoming increasingly difficult for both B2B and B2C businesses to stay in front of their customers...


When a new Lead comes in, the ability of the right rep to instantly make contact is a critical success factor in winning their business.


For many businesses, converting Leads into Accounts, while important, is time consuming and can be error prone as it depends on manual User entry. Having the process automated will ensure...

The problem:

As a Customer Service Representative or Support Agent, I want to be able to quickly see a prioritized list of open Cases on an Account or Contact.

  1. Rollup organization-wide metrics - Create a single object with a single record for your organization. Then, setup Lookup Helper to link each source record to it, so as to get a global SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT across all records tied to that organization-wide record.
  2. Categorize / group your...

With Lookup Helper you can automatically relate opportunity products to the account the opportunity belongs to. To Achieve this you may follow these simple steps:

Did you know that when you use Salesforce out of the box, there is no way to view Account information on the Lead page? Think about that for one more minute...if you are using Salesforce to sell business to business, you are mostly likely dealing with persons who work at...

With Lookup Helper, one of the top use cases is the ability to categorize your records by the following dimensions: