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Service Cloud / Case Metrics

Business Problem: As a support center manager, you will likely have a need for multiple account and case metrics to calculate and display in Salesforce. Examples that we have seen are, ‘Cases created this month’, ‘Cases created this year’, etc. 

Because accounts and cases are not linked via a master-detail relationship (it's a lookup relationship), you cannot create a standard roll-up summary field.

Solution: Rather than waste precious time coding something up in Apex, Rollup Helper will do this in a few clicks. Just Point, Click, and Roll-up!

Here is a quick summary of some of the roll-ups that you can create within Rollup Helper:

  • # of Cases Created This Year vs. # of Cases Created Last Year (We also support fiscal years!)
  • # of Cases Created This Quarter -or- # of Cases Created This Month
  • Last Case Comment (Text Roll-up)
  • Cases Created Since Contract Renewal Date
  • Contract Renewal Date
  • Entitled Cases vs. Actual Cases Created


Change Ownership Of Records Automatically


With Salesforce, it can be manually intensive to monitor and update ownership of records. Rather than having your users or system administrators waste time managing record ownership, you can instead setup Rollup Helper to do the heavy lifting for you and have everyone doing what they do best: marketing, sell, and support!


Concept 1 - Case Ownership: With Rollup Helper, you can automatically change ownership of records such as Cases based on the ownership or userid of child records. For example, you can rollup the person who last created a case comment and make them the the case owner.