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Help Other Users Like You by Sharing Your Experience


User feedback helps us improve our apps, providing the best experience, features, and functionality.

Customer reviews and ratings are becoming an increasingly important part of the buying process, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Harmonizing Data to Get a Single, Unified View of Customers


How Retailers & Other Organizations Can Use Salesforce® Apps to Optimize Data

When you hear a great song, one of the things you might notice is how everything flows together — the melody and the rhythm perfectly in sync. Like music, your data also needs to be arranged and organized in order to work together harmoniously.

Repetitive, Inefficient Tasks Are Costing Organizations Millions


How Salesforce Apps Transform Billing Processes, Delivering Real-time Data and Automating Workflows

Inefficient processes not only waste time, they cost organizations millions of dollars a year. “Some organizations are losing up to $1.3 million a year due to inefficient tasks weighing employees down, according to a report by Formstack and Mantis Research which surveyed 2,000 workers,” said CIO Dive in their article, "Businesses can lose up to $1.3M a year on inefficient processes."

Salesforce Apps Are Helping Manufacturers Transform & Thrive


Winter Series Part III – Actionable Insights & Project Management 

Manufacturers are facing obstacles, such as ongoing supply chain issues, increasing raw material costs, and employee engagement challenges—all while trying to keep up with rapidly changing technological advancements.

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