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Harmonizing Data to Get a Single, Unified View of Customers


How Retailers & Other Organizations Can Use Salesforce® Apps to Optimize Data

When you hear a great song, one of the things you might notice is how everything flows together — the melody and the rhythm perfectly in sync. Like music, your data also needs to be arranged and organized in order to work together harmoniously.

Roll-up Solution When a Roll-up Summary Field Can't be Used


In Salesforce, many businesses need to see aggregated data from child records on a parent record. For example, to show the sum or average of closed won Opportunities on a Custom Object, like Industry. They may always want to choose the first or last child record, and from that selection, display a key piece of text, such as the first Campaign that triggered a response at an Account. This sounds like it should be straight-forward to put together, but it could be more difficult to create than you'd think.

Three Customers Share Their Success Stories


Expanding Innovation, Deepening Data Insights, and Taking Projects to the Next Level

Sometimes the best way to find out what our apps can do is to hear from those who use them everyday — customers like you.

Bringing it all Together: Telling Your Data Story


Get the Insights You Need to Make Informed Decisions

Stories are an important tool that can help people process complex concepts and make connections. Having a clear picture of your data story allows your organization to make informed decisions and Admins are perfectly positioned to uncover insights that can help organizations tell their data stories.

Ask PT About Using Formulas in Rollup Summaries in Salesforce


Dear PT, 

At our company, we are having trouble seeing the number of open Projects with an Account or Opportunity. Can you help? Salesforce’s native rollup summary fields can’t be used with certain formulas, specifically formula fields with date functions. Hence, we can’t create the list of open projects as of today (or any other date).

Asov Toodae from Worksop, UK

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