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Why B2B Sales Leaders Must Analyze Both Today’s Macro & Micro Trends


After the pandemic shock of 2020-21, businesses are consistently hearing from analysts that the general sales process has changed, perhaps permanently. There is no shortage of analysis and advice available. In response, Sales Leaders are trying to make the specific adjustments needed to boost sales performance.

Responding to a Changing Sales Landscape

Businesses must address changes in B2B buyers’ behavior, a movement which had already started pre-pandemic. Analyst firms, like McKinsey & Company and Accenture, have done research that shows long-held best practices are shifting. These macro environment issues can’t be ignored.

Using Account Health Status to Boost Sales Conversions and Retention


Sales leaders and customer success professionals continue to face new challenges in a pandemic-affected business environment. Prospects and customers are no longer easily found in their business offices, as lockdowns and remote working make direct communication more difficult. In many industries, engagement and conversion rates for sales have plummeted, constricting the pipeline for new customers. Meanwhile, as customer expectations evolve, the definition of customer success is being redefined.

5 Ways to Better Manage Sales Performance [Plus a Data Analysis Tool]


Businesses are constantly searching for ways to do more with less, to better leverage their people, processes, and tools. In addition, the increase in remote work arrangements adds to the complexity. Making various improvements in productivity add up to an increase in overall performance.

Today’s sales and services teams aren't immune from these pressures, often relying on customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce to help make those gains. 

  • Sales managers and directors are under mandates from executive leadership to improve performance by sales teams and reps.
  • Likewise, sales and service reps want to meet those high standards, by delivering new customers and serving existing ones, and in turn, meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Since existing customers already know the business, it makes sense to focus some efforts on retaining and extending the current customer base--it is a more efficient and less expensive source of revenue growth.

Meanwhile, support from IT teams and Salesforce admins is stretched thin by competing priorities across the enterprise.

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