All businesses, whether they are for-profit or not-for-profit, have a bottom line and keeping the organization’s expenses in check is a main goal. Part of a healthy company is investing in tools or...

Campaigns in Salesforce can be one of your most powerful tools as a Salesforce Admin. You can use Campaigns to help your business identify the most successful marketing initiatives, and help direct...

Risk and Issue Management

October 12, 2016

Risk and issue management is critical to avoiding project failure. Many project management organizations (PMOs) place an emphasis on these practices, however, these processes are ill defined. A consequence of an ill-defined process is that people do not perform it consistently or at all.

Let's face it: project planning is next to impossible with an unorganized and underutilized Salesforce platform. Inconveniently placed data is a major frustration for anyone tasked with the responsibility of running reports. We have a few add-ons to Milestones PM+ that will enhance your project...

Resiliency Improvements Made So Far This Year

  • Dynamic Async - CPU, SOQL, and DML limit detection
  • Record Lock Handling
  • Data Skew Detection (record scope monitor)
  • Rollup Helper should just work - no frustrating configuration on the part of the user
  • Our main focus is ensuring that Rollup Helper is as...
Rollup Helper Accolades

January 14, 2016

Rollup Helper continues to be named a favorite app for Salesforce admins everywhere. Here are just a few places where the product has been recognized:

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Salesforce AppExchange! Passage Technology has been following the AppExchange since its inception and way back in 2010 we started the journey of launching our first project management app, Milestones PM+. Launching this app helped us to learn the ins and...