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Announcing Data Analysis Helper (Pre-launch Beta)

Looking for real-time analytics for Salesforce that won't break your budget? We have a new solution - Data Analysis Helper!

Data Analysis Helper provides actionable, real-time CRM analytics that are pre-packaged, easily customized, and will not break your budget. Browse a collection of ready to use analytic apps and other solutions that are available as separately installed, paid add-on extension packages designed to provide insights and notifications. These packages enable your team to track historic performance, spot trends, and
identify opportunities for improvement without any involvement from your technology teams. 

Since each company is unique, your organization can customize what they want to analyze, how to analyze it, and at what granularity by declaratively customizing the pre-built solutions. Each package includes ready-made dashboards providing at a glance updates for all of your teams and executives allowing for instant decision making.

The first app in the Data Analysis Helper collection is Sales Performance Intelligence, which provides insights and notifications at the organizational and sales representative levels for:

  • Neglected Client Information
  •  Average Close Time Of Sales
  •  Sales Win Percentage
  •  Total Amount For Won/Lost Sales
  •  Time Spent Selling
  •  Lead Conversion Information
  •  Accepted/Denied Quote Percentage


We need your help!

Our product team strives to deliver quality applications that will help your business grow. We are currently looking for Beta testers to provide feedback on Data Analysis Helper and Sales Performance Intelligence regarding:

  • User Interface and Usability
  • Value for Your Organization
  • Ideas for Additional Analytics Packages

To learn more, or sign up to Beta test, please click below!

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Automating Processes For The Individual Object With Helper Suite Apps

Helper Suite apps provide free or inexpensive solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, and are safe, reliable, and scalable solutions.  Some of the processes you may want to consider automating with Helper Suite apps include: 

  • Automatically creating Individual records and relating them to Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, and Community Users
  • Updating Individual Records with preferences, lawful basis for processing information, and any actions that need to be taken
  • Automatically deleting records that contain personal data when preferences change, or lawful basis expires

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